The business is family-run

with exceptional employees and selected commercial partners driven by passion and the devotion for the production of characteristic Piedmontese wines.

Giuseppe Bologna is responsible for viticulture and productional operations.

Since 1990 he has been committed to consolidate and further improve the production by  choosing to increase vineyards properties.

Raffaella, Giuseppe, Norbert … 

Norbert Reinisch, an Austrian doctor and husband of Raffaella, came to know the cantina “Braida” during a visit of the winery in Rocchetta Tanaro. Driven by his love not only for the wine, Norbert is today the export director of the company.

His curiosity and passion for the world of wine motivates him to study for WSET in London. Raffaella cares of the commercial part of the winery and carries forward her mother Anna’s ideas which have always been implemented with boundless commitment and strength.

Braida produces high quality wines

through the selection of suitable sites known as ‘terroir’ and state-of-the-art winemaking and bottling techniques. At the same time great importance is given to environment, tradition and passion, with the final result of creating wines that impart big emotions.

“Try a taste.”