Rocchetta Tanaro

(160 m above see level)

The soil is composed of equal proportions of sand and clay; this medium-heavy textured soil produces wines with rather intensely aromatic and savoury flavourscompared to looser soils.


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Castelnuovo Calcea

(230 m above see level)

The loose soil made of calcareous sand and is therefore lighter. The soil heat up quicker, even the deeper layers of subsoil, allowing the roots to start working earlier.


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Costigliole d’Asti

(240 m above see level)

Clay and calcareous soil with excellent hill- side exposure, which helps to give our wines considerable body and intense fragrance.


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Mango d’Alba

(500 m above see level)

The mainly calcareous-sandy soil provides excellent drainage in order to give the plants vigour without encouraging excessive vegetative growth.


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Trezzo Tinella

(450 m above see level)

Loose soil, rich in sand mixed with calcareous marl, the predominantly southern exposure and the formation of a natural amphitheatre in connection with the high altitudes, are creating ideal conditions for growing our white grapes. The resulting temperature fluctuations support a slow ripening of the grapes and give wines from the Serra dei Fiori zone a pleasant depth and predominant elegance


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