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Langhe Chardonnay d.o.c.


chardonnay, harvested later.


Serra dei Fiori, village of Trezzo Tinella in the Langhe hills.


grapes undergo soft crushing in presses, only the ‘free run’ must is taken and once settled subsequently fermented in oak casks where it remains for approximately 8 months, until it acquires the desired characteristics. Additional ageing in bottle for at least 8 months.


it is a full-bodied and the same time elegant and long-lasting wine which expresses in its youth citrus and stone fruit flavours perfectly balanced with high quality French oak. Ripe fruit, sweet spices and vanilla flavours are indulging the wine lover and the oak imparts buttery and nutty hints. With some age deep complexity and a multidimensional concentration will award the patient drinker. Opulent and generous on the palate with a sophisticated balance between fruit and woody notes. Accompanies appetizers and fish courses, white meats and dishes with a fried base.

Serve at 12-14 °C.

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Asso di Fiori

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