The name denotes the fact that the Riesling is considered a “regal” grape.

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Langhe d.o.c. Riesling.


100% Rhine-Riesling.


Serra dei Fiori, village of Trezzo Tinella in the Langhe hills. Vines with particularly favourable south-east exposure.


grapes are carefully selected, hand-picked and subsequently gently pressed. The must obtained is then left to rest and fermented at a controlled temperature in steel tanks, where it remains until bottled. Maturation in bottle for at least 6 months.


intense and vibrantly powerful wine, when young it expresses hints of citrus fruits and green apple, showing with age refreshing mineral nuances. The palate is lifted due to the natural high acidity of the variety and the influence of the climate on high altitudes at which the grapes ripen. A high concentration of juicy fruit flavours and some spicy stony hints are characterising the wine. Accompanies fish and sea food, from raw fish to the most elaborate dishes.

Serve at 12-14 °C.

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Re Di Fiori

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